MK Net.Work - Company Profile

MK Net.Work is a leading multinational provider of fully automated and transparent cost-reduction software solutions for the enterprises using IBM IBM Notes/Domino, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and web mails as their corporate messaging platforms.

MK Net.Work has an extensive customer base of Global Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 type firms that have adopted our ZipMail and other solutions as their worldwide standard.
By using our software, our customers save globally more than US$500 million per year on network bandwidth and messaging server storage while improving the overall performance of their corporate messaging systems.

Since 1995, MK Net.Work has developed and distributed software solutions enabling electronic mail systems to be optimized and expanded.

Some of the MK Net.Work solutions, like our flagship ZipMail Compression Suite, are specifically designed to lower the TCO of messaging systems and delivers immediate and significant messaging infrastructure savings in the areas of traffic, bandwidth and storage.

Our software solutions are installed and running each day on the computers of more than 6 million corporate users, throughout the United States & Canada, Europe and Asia as well as in many other countries.
This is a valuable experience that is very much appreciated by our existing and new customers.


MK Net.Work - Characteristics Common to All of our Software Solutions

To Generate Immediate and Noticeable Added Value

Our best example is the ZipMail Compression Suite, our flagship solution for delivering immediate messaging infrastructure related cost savings to our customers.
ZipMail generally reduces the costs of email transactions (processing, storage and telecommunications) by 30% to 50%! 
This means, for our larger customers operating over 100,000 mailboxes worldwide, millions of US dollars saved each year on network bandwidth and messaging server storage. The beauty of our solutions is that these financial benefits come with a significant improvement of the overall performance of the corporate electronic mail systems (due to the significant reduction of the volumes to process).

To be Simple to Understand and Simple to Use

Each MK Net.Work solution is designed to be easily used by ALL users, with little or no training.
MK Net.Work software products can be easily configured to give users as few or as many usage options as they need to perform their job functions.

To be Simple to Deploy and Simple to Install

Each MK Net.Work solution is designed for super easy, “bullet-proof” installation and enterprise-wide deployment. 
Each MK Net.Work software product is delivered in the shape of a single self-executable or MSI self-installable file, of a size compatible with an electronic distribution.

To be Supported by Highly Qualified Professionals

The best software on the market has little value if it is not, at each stage of its life cycle, supported by highly qualified and professional software engineers.
MK Net.Work prides itself on tech support responsiveness and attention to detail.

We quickly handle information requests by email or by phone, including pre-sale and post-sale services, setup program customizations, support and new version subscription contracts, and studies for new functions or extensions.
If you have a project that can benefit from our software, you can count on us, doing business with you is a pleasure for each of the MK Net.Work team members. Please don't hesitate to contact us.