Evaluation versions

To obtain fully-functional evaluation copies of our software, simply select the products you are interested in and click the OK button.

 ZipMail for Lotus Notes clients

  • ZipMail for Lotus Notes
  • ZipMail for Lotus Domino Web Access
  • ZipMail /DB Client
  • ZipMail Zip Indexer

ZipMail for Domino servers

  • ZipMail /DB Server
  • ZipMail /DB Extended Client
  • ZipMail Real-Time
  • ZipMail Zip Indexer

Lotus Notes optimization software

  • ZipMap
  • MK Email Size Limiter
  • MK Attached File Cache

MKZip for Sametime and Quickr

  • MKZipMap for Sametime
  • MKZip for Lotus Quickr

Compression tool

  • ZipAgent