ZipMail Real-Time for IBM Domino Servers

Real-Time attached file Zip compression and bitmap optimization in incoming and outgoing emails

ZipMail Real-Time compresses attached files (into industry-standard Zip files) and optionally optimize copied and pasted images in incoming and outgoing emails, on your Domino Servers running under Windows, in real time.
Less IBM Notes traffic, smaller emails and smaller NSF databases also mean networks and Domino servers performing faster and better, emails delivered faster to their recipients, faster replications and backups.

With ZipMail Real-Time performing Zip compression of IBM Notes attached files, and optimization of IBM Notes copied and pasted images, you can achieve a typical 35% to 50% reduction of the IBM Notes and SMTP email traffic routed by your Domino servers, and subsequently, a similar reduction of your needs for Notes/Domino storage when the processed emails are stored into the recipient databases.

Compression and decompression rules can be defined to have ZipMail Real Time processing only some emails based on the email properties like sender and recipient email addresses or domains, size or type of the attached files etc...

ZipMail Real-Time is for Domino Servers running under Microsoft Windows.

Complementary to ZipMail Real-Time, the source volume reduction approach of ZipMail Client and ZipMap:
If you need to implement IBM Notes volume reduction solutions at the source, please have a look at our ZipMail Client and ZipMap software. ZipMail Client performs on-the fly automatic and transparent compression of the files attached by the users to their IBM Notes messages and documents at the time the files are attached, thus reducing the volumes of the files to be attached before they even reach your IBM Notes environment.
Our ZipMap software is for screen shots or pictures your IBM Notes users paste into their messages and documents. It performs on-the fly optimization of these bitmaps and reduce their size by up to 95% before they even reach your IBM Notes environment.
When using ZipMail Client and ZipMap for all of your IBM Notes users, you save, on the top of the Domino storage savings, huge amount of network bandwidth, since the IBM Notes attached files are sent compressed in Zip format, and the copied and pasted images optimized, on your network. In this case, ZipMail Real-Time is still useful to compress the attached files and to optimize the copied and pasted images found in all of the emails coming from outside your organization.


More Details: How ZipMail Real-Time reduces the volume of the IBM Notes and SMTP traffic routed by your Domino Servers by 30% to 50%

Zip compression of the attached files found into the incoming and outgoing emails routed by your Domino Servers

In short, ZipMail /DB Server transforms messages containing attached files like this one:

into messages like the one below, where each attached file has been replaced by its compressed .Zip copy (using industry-standard Zip format):

ZipMail Real Time - Compressed attached files

The original icons of the files (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc...) can be preserved as in the above screen shot or you can define an icon of your choice to be used for the resulting Zip files.
The original file extensions (.doc, .xls) can be preserved or not in the name of the resulting Zip files depending on option settings.

Optimization of the copied and pasted images (screen shots, pictures) found into the incoming and outgoing emails

ZipMail Real-Time also performs copied and pasted image optimization and reduces the size of all of the screen shots and pictures found into the incoming and outgoing emails by up to 95%.

Zip Compression of attached files + copied and pasted image optimization applied to the millions of emails routed by your Domino Servers achieve huge network bandwidth and Domino server storage savings!

ZipMail Real-Time Components

A parameter file editor to manage the compression and image optimization process parameters

ZipMail Real-Time comes with a graphical, self-documented parameter file editor enabling you to easily manage the Attached file compression and bitmap optimization process parameters.
ZipMail Real-Time parameters can be stored in NSF databases or in INI files.
The ZipMail Real-Time parameter file editor can be run on a workstation having a IBM Notes client installed or on the Domino server on which ZipMail RT is running.

ZipMail Real Time - Parameter file editor

A multi-threaded real time attached file compression and copied and pasted image optimization engine

ZipMail Real-Time is a Domino server extension launched automatically at Domino server startup and triggered by the Domino server router.

ZipMail Real Time in the Domino Server console

Powerful self-adapting mechanisms guarantees that ZipMail Real-Time permanently adjusts the resources consumed on your Domino Server to the minimum needed and that it will never overload your server.
For instance, the number of threads are adjusted automatically depending on the ZipMail RT load (minimum and maximum number of threads as well as maximum number of pending emails in the thread queues are configurable).
Security parameters enables ZipMail Real-Time to stop the processing of incoming and outgoing emails in case the maximum number of threads is reached and the number of emails queued are over a given (configurable) limit. In this case, ZipMail Real-Time ignores the new messages (that are routed without being processed by ZipMail Real-Time) until the number of queues messages are back to normal.
ZipMail Real-Time is ultra-concise optimized C++ code including state-of-the art Zip compression and image optimization routines (No IBMScript, no agents).
The total size of the program running on the Domino Server (including the compression and image optimization engines) is under 315 KB.

The ZipMail Real-Time Monitor

The ZipMail Real-Time monitor can be run on the Domino server on which ZipMail RT is running or on a workstation having a IBM Notes client installed.
It enables you to control the ZipMail Real-Time process and to check that the settings you defined fit well with the amount of email traffic handled by your server and if not to immediately see the effects of changes to the ZipMail Real-Time parameters.

ZipMail Real Time Monitor

Depending on the information displayed in the ZipMail Real-Time Monitor, you can decide to increase or decrease the minimum and maximum number of threads, increase or decrease the maximum number of messages per queue.

Extensive help file including a step-by-step tutorial

ZipMail Real-Time is delivered with an extensive help file also available in PDF format.
By following the instructions provided in this help file, you can get up and running with ZipMail Real-Time and start compressing the emails routed by your Domino Server in 10 to 15 minutes.

Quick setup

ZipMail Real-Time is very easy to install (modular setup packages for the compression engine, the monitor, and the editor does all the job).
As for each of our products, installation assistance by phone or by email is included in your support contract at no additional charge and free when evaluating the product.


Evaluation Copy - Try ZipMail Real-Time for yourself!

Please don't hesitate to see for yourself, get a fully functional evaluation version of ZipMail Real-Time. It takes only 10-15 minutes to install and to have your Domino server compressing the attached files and optimizing the copied and pasted images in all of the incoming and outgoing emails!

Kindly contact us if you have questions, we'll be most pleased to answer.