ZipMail for IBM Notes Databases - Extended Client

Zip Compression of the attached files stored within your existing IBM Notes databases

On the top of the automated Zip Compression of the IBM Notes attached files, ZipMail /DB Extended Client also performs optimization of the copied and pasted bitmaps stored in the messages and documents of your existing IBM Notes databases.

ZipMail /DB Server enables you to compress, into Zip files, all of the attached files of the IBM Notes databases (email and non-email .NSF) stored on your Domino server by using a load zipmail command in your Domino server administration console.

ZipMail /DB EXC runs on a Windows workstation on which a IBM Notes Client having access to the Domino server hosting the databases to process is installed.
Databases can be located on any type of Domino server (Linux, AIX, Solaris, AS400-iSeries and S390).
There is nothing to install on the Domino server itself. The only thing you need is a Windows workstation equipped with a IBM Notes Client connected to your Domino server.

For your Domino Servers running under Microsoft Windows:
ZipMail /DB EXC can also process databases located on Domino servers running under Microsoft Windows, but for these platforms, we have our ZipMail /DB Server software running natively on Windows Domino servers.

For your IBM Notes users:
ZipMail /DB EXC can also compress databases located on the Notes Workstation on which it runs (but the version of ZipMail /DB for the users, ZipMail /DB Client is better fitted for compressing IBM Notes databases local to the workstations).


More Details: How ZipMail /DB Extended Client reduces the size of your existing IBM Notes databases by 30% to 50%

Zip compression of attached files stored in the messages and documents of your existing IBM Notes databases

Basically, ZipMail /DB EXC transforms IBM Notes documents containing attached files like this one:

in documents like the one below, where each attached file has been replaced by its compressed .Zip copy (using standard industry Zip format):

The original icons of the files (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc...) can be preserved as in the above screen shot or you can define an icon of your choice to be used for the resulting Zip files.
The original file extensions (.doc, .xls) can be preserved or not in the name of the resulting Zip files depending on option settings.

Optimization of the copied and pasted images (screen shots, pictures) stored in the messages and documents of your existing databases

ZipMail /DB EXC also performs copied and pasted image optimization and reduces the size of all of the screen shots and pictures pasted into your existing Notes documents by up to 95%.

Zip Compression of attached files + copied and pasted image optimization applied to the millions of documents of your .NSF databases achieve huge Notes storage savings!


ZipMail /DB Extended Client Components

Two parameter file editors to manage the compression parameters and lists of databases to compress

ZipMail /DB EXC comes with two dedicated graphical self documented parameter file editors enabling you to easily define the compression process parameters and the lists of databases to compress.

The first editor is for the parameter files containing the functioning parameters of ZipMail /DB EXC:

ZipMail /DB Extended Client - Editor for the compression process parameters

The second editor is for the parameter files containing the list of the databases to be compressed by ZipMail /DB EXC.

ZipMail /DB Extended Client - Editor for the lists of databases to compress

The Scheduler of the compression tasks

In order to enable you to schedule compression tasks, ZipMail /DB EXC comes with a scheduler.
This scheduler displays a little icon in the Windows task bar system tray enabling you to define compression tasks for immediate or delayed execution:

ZipMail /DB Extended Client - Scheduler

Creating a new compression task is very easy:

ZipMail /DB Extended Client - Compression task

The program doing the compression (the compression engine)

This program is launched by the scheduler and uses the IBM Notes Client program to access the databases to process and to perform the compression of the attachments and the copied and pasted image optimization.

ZipMail /DB Extended Client - Compression engine

Extensive help file including a 10 minute step-by-step tutorial

ZipMail /DB EXC is delivered with an extensive help file also available in PDF format.
By using the step-by-step tutorial included in this help file you can get up and running with ZipMail /DB EXC and start compressing your first databases in less than 10 minutes.

ZipMail /DB Extended Client - help file


Evaluation Copy - Try ZipMail /DB Extended Client for yourself!

Please don't hesitate to see for yourself, get a fully functional evaluation version of ZipMail /DB Extended Client and try it with your own IBM Notes databases to see what kind of compression and optimization results you can achieve!
ZipMail /DB EXC can be launched in Test Mode to display and log the compression and optimization results it is able to deliver, this without modifying your Notes documents.

Kindly contact us if you have questions, we'll be most pleased to answer.